Brake Maintenance


Why Servicing the Brakes on Your Lincoln Vehicle is a Good Idea

As you drive your Lincoln car or SUV down the road, you press on the brake pedal and the expectation is that the vehicle comes to a stop. This is a pretty reasonable and standard expectation. What if the vehicle didn't come to a stop? That's a pretty scary idea. When it comes to your Lincoln vehicle, the brakes are among the more important components. They help your car come to a stop when needed, which really can't be overstated. The service center at Dana Lincoln, located at 266 West Service Road in Staten Island, NY, is here to tell you why servicing your brakes are so important and what we can do to assist you.

How Can I Tell if it is Time to Service My Brakes?

You depend on your brakes working as you go through your day-to-day travels. If they aren't working properly, it can severely compromise the safety of you and all your passengers. There are many signs that you can look for to see if it is time to service your brakes. The service center at Dana Lincoln also does brake inspections, so they can go over your braking system and let you know if your Lincoln car or SUV is need of some tender loving care. Some of the signs that your brakes may require inspection include:

  • A Squealing, Grinding, or Scratching Noise—While some of these noises may not necessarily mean that your brakes need replacing, they are a sign that they should at least be inspected. These noises could indicate that your brake pads are worn down and metal is now grinding up against metal. Driving with worn brake pads could eventually lead to rotor damage, which is an expensive fix.
  • A “Soft” Brake Pedal—If you are not getting the usual resistance when you step on the brake pedal, or find that the pedal is sinking to the floor, this could be a sign that you need to have your brakes inspected.
  • The Car is Pulling to One Side When You Apply the Brake—Have you noticed that your car pulls to either the left or right when you apply the brake? This could indicate that there is some damage to your calipers.
  • How Often Should I Get My Brakes Inspected?

    Many drivers may be wondering how often they should get their brakes inspected. Generally speaking, your brakes should be looked at every six months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. There are some customers who have our service center inspect their brakes every time they have their tires rotated. This is a good way to make sure they are never overlooked, and any potential issue is caught early before it can impact your safety or your wallet. With the service center at Dana Lincoln, you can be sure that your Lincoln car or SUV is in good hands with our factory-trained, Lincoln-certified service technicians. They know your Lincoln vehicle in-depth and will be able to properly diagnose whatever is ailing your braking system.

    How Else Can the Dana Lincoln Service Center Assist with Your Brakes?

    When you bring your Lincoln car or SUV in for a brake inspection in our service center, you will get the benefit of all the combined experience of our service technicians. They can handle any of your Lincoln vehicle's brake service needs. We can change your brake pads or rotors if they are getting worn. We will inspect your calipers to ensure that they are in top-notch shape. Has your brake fluid not ever been changed? Our service technicians will flush the braking system of that old brake fluid, clean the system, and put some new fluid in there. Whatever your braking need, you'll find the team at Dana Lincoln up to the challenge.

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    With the changing of the seasons, now is the perfect time to get your brakes inspected at Dana Lincoln, in Staten Island, NY. Schedule your brake service appointment today and make sure that your Lincoln car or SUV is safe and ready for the adventures ahead.

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