If you're anything like the team here at Dana Lincoln, you may find yourself spending more time than usual staying closer to home these days. If you're yearning to pile the family into your luxury Lincoln Corsair or other premium model to hit the road for a road trip anytime soon, be sure to schedule an appointment with our State Island service center first.

There's nothing better than exploring the highways, byways, beaches, and more in the greater Long Island and New York area, especially with summer upon us and fall approaching in a couple months. What better way to enjoy all that roaming, than in a brand-new, world-class Lincoln vehicle, such as the all-new, 2020 Lincoln Corsair?

Regardless of whether you choose to explore in one of our new, five-passenger Corsair models, or one of our other topnotch vehicles, you'll find our expert service center ready, willing, and more than able to make sure your vehicle is in tiptop condition and ready to hit the road.

The team in our professional service center is trained and certified by Lincoln to be your foremost expert maintenance staff, ready to help with routine services, such as periodic oil changes, and the occasional repairs, such as brakes and rotors.

If you're feeling cooped up and ready to hit the road, we have a few things on our road-trip maintenance checklist that we think you should consider looking at first, including:

  • Windshield wipers
  • Tires
  • Air conditioning, heat, and defrost system
  • Battery health
  • Fluids levels

Schedule an appointment soon, before you head out on any long distance or local journeys. We'll top off your fluids, change the oil, rotate your tires, and take a look at the other essential services listed here, all to ensure that you have the safest, enjoyable road trip possible.

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